Calibration - Recalibration ! service +

Thanks to its experience since 1991, Zwiebel can assist you in all your measurement needs. This service is available in one of our 3 laboratories according to the nominal value and precision of the weight.

We guarantee a high level of service thanks to a precise equipment, strict methods, a good knowledge of environmental conditions and a qualified staff.
Besides, our equipment is composed of manual comparators and robotized systems with precisions from 0.1╬╝g to 1g..
In order for us to meet all your requirements, calibration documentation can be issued bilingual English, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese (French standard)..



Schedule, Schedule dates for dispatch, calibration
and re-dispatch with our sales department.
Provide, If need be, provide the number of the last ZWIEBEL calibration certificate to receive an identical service..
Provide, Provide the shape, the material, the composition, the values, the quantities, details about the weights and masses and the services required.


Dispatching your products

Recycling the original boxes received will be re-used for returning your equipment.
Transportation If the packaging used is unsuitable or insufficient, you will be charged by Zwiebel for repackaging your products.
Material Must arrive clean and, if necessary,
decontaminated to our delivery address.


Direct access..

Good to know

On request , calibration uncertainties lower than or different to those proposed.

Identifying the weights and masses is vital for ensuring the traceability of calibrations carried out.

This is ideally carried out on the weights or, by default, on the case (unless there is a technical impossibility or a specific request that needs to be specified on order).
Without identification, the COFRAC calibration certificate cannot be given.

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