WE GIVE weight to your measurements!

DO YOU REQUIRE an industrial - or a science-based approach for your needs? Are you seeking quality, effectiveness and high performance?
Zwiebel will shape your requirements.

We have been providing
our experience and expertise since 1828

Two centuries of experience have built up Zwiebel’s know-how, and it is
establishing itself as France’s leading manufacturer of precision weights
and masses
. Our assets: very high-tech manufacturing systems and
highly-innovative methods. Our company now works in a number of sectors: aeronautics, agribusiness, chemistry and pharmacology etc.


Gravure au diamant-zwiebelOur entire production process is TRACKED!Identification of every weight – upwards from 1g – is carried out so as to meet requirements with regard to traceability as defined by quality assurance standards.
This unique and indelible method of identification enables us to trace our production history: calibration, materials, interventions etc, with the result that risks associated with mistakes are eliminated.
mape monde zwiebelReal INTERNATIONAL presenceAs a preferred partner in mass metrology, our customers are hugely varied. Among them are the BIPM (the international bureau of weights and measures) and a number of national and primary laboratories, which are genuine benchmarks in each country.
innovation zwiebelA requirement that carries weight : INNOVATIONZwiebel is actively conducting a policy of innovation. We are involved in studies concerning new materials and we are studying and developing new automatic systems for calibrating. We are also
the first manufacturer to be meeting normative requirements.



At Zwiebel, quality is non-negotiable!
Our commitment is twofold: we select our materials and we use specific software that favours adapting our comparators towards robotics. But we take this even further. By integrating all stages of the manufacturing process at our site, and by rigorously respecting quality procedures, we are able to ensure that Zwiebel’s weights and masses conform to international standards and recommendations.


Some dates

Zwiebel works since 2 centuries with Research laboratories in a total close partnership.

1828 Creation of our family company in France.
1950 Diversification and producing automatization to meet the national market requirements .
1980 Development of our abilities .
1990 Creation of the first integrated calibration weights laboratory .
1997 ISO 9002 certification with AFAQ .
2000 Reinforcement of Export activities.
2011 ISO9001-2008 certification by the LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais) of our manufacturings of weights and balances.

A complete range

As proof of its commitment in all market
areas, Zwiebel is able to meet all types
of request, from 0.1 mg to 2 tonnes, for
all classes (E0, E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1-2,
M2, M2-3, M3).

A range that is known
and recognised!

Since 1991, Zwiebel has been CO FRAC accredited (France’s accreditation
committee) which is now internationally-recognised and which enables us to
issue certificates of calibration. Our
accreditation is reinforced by continuous
audit monitoring and by our involvement
in inter-laboratory comparisons that
ensure the high-precision and quality
of weights and masses from Zwiebel’s
metrology laboratory.

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